Month: November 2014

Movie Talk with Rio (plus a novel tie-in!)

As my high school students have been reading Kristy Placido’s Robo en la noche this quarter, they keep drawing comparisons to the animated movie Rio. Now, I’ve never seen this movie, but I thought it would be a natural progression to do a week of Movie Talk with a clip. Pixar-type movies are usually good about posting clips that function as stand-alone shorts, instead of just the typical teaser-trailer. One short jaunt through YouTube got me a good clip for Movie Talk: It’s short (about two minutes), action-packed, and full of vocabulary that my students will be familiar with from reading the novel (aves, no puede volar, se cae, tiene miedo, alas, se pone nervioso). After viewing the video, I started writing up a comprehensible text, focusing on two target phrases:

no sabía volar
chocó con

Here’s the video, along with the accompanying reading.

Rio MovieTalk

Movie Talk with Monsters, Inc.

There has been a flurry of talk in the CI community about Movie Talk, so I thought I’d share some materials I’ve created to go along with a Monsters, Inc. clip.

Here’s the reading I’ve typed up to go along with the clip: Monster Unit

There are lots of good target structures in there, from TPR-verbs like “tropieza y se cae” and “agarra,” to high-frequency (and highly discussible!) structures like “le da miedo/tiene miedo.”